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Over the past three decades, our name has been synonymous with developments of outstanding design and unrivalled quality of finish. We take pride in what we do and what the name Castlethorn has come to stand for. Using only the best locally sourced materials and finishes throughout each building, it becomes apparent why buying a Castlethorn home benefits from standard of finish the industry and our customers have come to expect.

Green Arrow

With each house we build, we strive to design, construct and deliver the perfect home and ultimately, create the best community for you and your family to live in.

Our quest for perfection is also evident in the complimentary quality and planning of the landscaping and greenspace created through public open spaces within our developments. These provide lush, tranquil recreational areas, so essential for successful community living.

We continue to provide homes in areas which are rich in physical and social amenities and which reflect the needs of today’s homeowners. This attention to detail, high quality specification and finish over the last three decades has made us the undisputed industry leader in residential house building in Ireland today.

Every Detail Considered

We’ve built some of the most attractive, desirable and innovative developments in the Greater Dublin Area. Castlethorn’s attention to detail, high quality specification and finish over the last three decades has made us an industry leader in Irish residential housing.

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Location Perfect

Our quest for perfection involves not just the actual units that we build, but the complementary quality of the landscaping and overall finishing which typifies a Castlethorn development. Our success lies in our meticulous site selection, offering an excellent range of amenities, proximity to schools, shopping and transport.

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Energy Efficient

All our new homes are built and delivered with Castlethorn’s core values in mind of passion, commitment, integrity and quality. Our new homes are all “A” Rated which ensures energy efficiency are at the heart of what we do. Sustainability and energy efficiency is achieved in several ways: solar panels, airtightness, insulation and ventilation.

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Environ­mental Ethos

Our team at Castlethorn care very much for the natural environment in which we plan, develop and construct new homes. We pay careful attention to both flora and fauna and landscape heavily to ensure that the community we have developed, leaves a long-standing green footprint of trees, planted areas and borders. At Castlethorn we pride ourselves in our ability to retain and preserve any natural trees or hedgerows, implementing tree conservation and maintenance plans to ensure their continued preservation and growth.