All Green Everything

May 11, 2018

Following from last weeks post on how to bring nature indoors we thought we would continue on with a post dedicated to all things green - a colour which lends personality, peace and zen to any space within your home.

2Nd Last House 11

Green is the colour of nature and it couldn’t be more appropriate for wallpapers featuring plants or flowers as seen here in the Guest Room of our St Helens show home.

2 B1 A1356
2 B1 A1398

Our Brighton Wood Living Room is complete with elegant emerald green arm chairs. This simple yet bold use of the colour green really makes an impact.

2 B1 A2285
2 B1 A7584 Kg
House 1 9
16 Somerton 23

Take a look at some other inventive uses of our national colour in Castlethorn show homes above.. We are green with envy..

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